lightweight sport rifle

Lightweight Sport Rifle

Following the post-Dunblane ban on handguns, the OSRC Pistol section arose phoenix-like from the ashes as the Lightweight Sport Rifle section. This discipline, using a very lightweight scoped air or rimfire rifle fired standing, has become extremely popular, with several teams competing in various postal leagues. The OSRC LSR section is now nearly two decades old, and the members have developed an impressive depth of expertise - all of which, should you wish to take up LSR, they will happily share.

LSR sessions are on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
air pistol target

Air Pistol

Air pistols with a muzzle energy of under six foot pounds do not, here in England, currently need a Firearms Acquisition Certificate, making this an attractive entry point to shooting sports in that the level of paperwork required is minimal. The Air Pistol section is a recent addition to the OSRC, but it has what may, arguably, be the most mature membership, many members having taken up air pistol after a long career shooting another discipline, bringing decades of widely-varied shooting experience with them. With individuals and teams competing in three different leagues, there is plenty of competition to choose from no matter what your average is.

Air Pistol sessions are on Sunday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, and first and third Thursday evenings.
man shooting prone rifle

Prone Rifle

Prone Rifle is one of the most accurate forms of rifle shooting around: telescopic sights are banned because they would make it far too easy. It has been a major part of the Old Silhillians Rifle Club ever since the club was founded and continues to play a significant role, with teams shooting in summer and winter postal leagues, an internal competitions programme, a significant OSRC presence at nearby long-range shoots and, of course, the regular Tuesday night range session. While the equipment used may seem cumbersome and complex to the novice, it quickly begins to feel reassuringly supportive. If you'd like to give Prone a try, there is plenty of expertise within the OSRC to help you get started, smooth out the learning curve, assist with equipment set-up, and ease your transition into a fully-fledged prone shooter.

Prone sessions are on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.
man shooting benchrest rifle

Benchrest Rifle

Benchrest shooters strive to push the technical limits of their equipment, mounting telescopic sights on both air and rimfire rifles and stabilising their position with a bench and an adjustable rest. Originally shot over longer ranges as a way for shooters to test their skills in loading their own ammunition, short-range benchrest shot to Midland Rules has now gained a firm following locally. In addition, since benchrest rifle requires almost no physical effort on the part of the shooter - who shoots sitting down, with the rest taking the weight of the rifle - it forms an attractive option for disabled or elderly and less mobile shooters. The Benchrest section is the newest addition to the OSRC, but already has a firm following, with two teams competing in the Midland League and an ethos of lively curiosity as to where improvements might be made. If you have an enquiring mind and a passion for accuracy, why not give benchrest a try?

Bechrest sessions are on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons.