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The OSRC prides itself on having an active competition scene. Members of all four sections participate in a number of postal leagues, both as individuals and as teams. We have a number of members currently competing at county level and some who have shot internationally.
We also have a number of internal trophies to be shot for, especially on the Prone side, and we encourage members to enter for Open Shoots and other external events as and when they become available, the annual trip to the Staffordshire Open being a firm favourite.

card being scored

Sport for all

It would be entirely too predictable if the same people kept winning! For this reason, some internal competitions - plus at least one external one - are scored using the Bayley Handicap System. This allows shooters to, in effect, compete against their own average.
A shooter's average score is calculated by taking the average of the best five out of their last six cards. Their gun score - the score they actually achieved on the range - is then adjusted mathematically with reference to this to produce a handicap score, and the shooter with the highest handicap score wins.

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